Centrelink is the name of the Australian Government Agency that is responsible for the payment of a wide range of payments and benefits on behalf of a range of government departments. Their webpage contains a range of information about rules of entitlement and eligibility.

The government provides financial assistance to students by way of income-tested schemes such as Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY or Austudy Payments. These allowances are usually paid fortnightly during the period of eligibility.

These pages provide general information regarding the range of Centrelink payments available to students.

Centrelink Information


Within the Financial Aid website the rules, advice and information about Centrelink payments are provided as a general guide only.

This information is provided as an overview. It is not a definitive guide to eligibility or entitlement. Appeals against Centrelink decisions cannot be based on the information provided here. Details of government payments are available from Centrelink. For more information visit the Centrelink website