University of Melbourne Student Loans

The main objective of the loans scheme is to help students meet unexpected costs. Student Loans will be considered in cases where the current financial difficulties might affect a student's capacity to participate or continue in their course. The University has its own student loan funds. These funds are recycling funds and are designed to help as many students with financial problems as possible. Students are encouraged to discuss any financial difficulties with a Financial Aid Adviser before applying for student loans.

Student loans should not be viewed as a regular subsidy, or be included as an expected part of a student's yearly budget.

Please note that loans are usually not granted for foreseeable expenses, particularly tuition fees.

Types of Loans

Short Term Loans: Students with short-term cash flow problems can apply to borrow an interest-free short term loan for a maximum of six months.

Long Term Loans: Up to $5000 may be borrowed as a long term loan. These loans require a suitable guarantor.

Repayments: There are several convenient options for making loan repayments