What's happening?

EAP workshops for ESL students

  • Want to develop your English language skills?
  • Check the EAP section of our workshop calendar

Interactive Online Materials

  • Visit AIRport for interactive sites on general study skills or faculty-specific resources
  • Enrol in an Academic Writing short course (undergraduate and graduate level available)

Academic writing and study skills workshops

  • All our workshops are now open for enrolment
  • Check our workshop calendar or browse the 'Events' list in SAS

Academic Writing Drop-Ins

  • Get quick feedback on your assignment draft
  • One-on-one 15 minute sessions
  • No booking required
  • Available to undergraduates of all discipline
  • Sessions run from week 3 (16 Mar) to swot vac (5 June)
  • 12-2pm Monday-Friday in the Baillieu Library (ground floor)

Individual Tutorials

  • Need one-on-one help? Book a 25 minute Individual Tutorial
  • iTutes are limited to 4 per semester and no more than 1 in a week
  • Click here for more information and a video tutorial on booking iTutes