What's happening?

EAP workshops for ESL students

  • Want to develop your English language skills? We are running a week of intensive EAP workshops
  • Look at the program or check our workshop calendar

Interactive Online Materials

  • Keen to improve your academic writing skills before semester starts?
  • Visit AIRport for interactive sites on general study skills or faculty-specific resources
  • Enrol in an Academic Writing short course (undergraduate and graduate level available)


  • DELA is a diagnostic tool that assesses your strengths and weaknesses in academic reading, writing and listening
  • DELA sessions will run from 20 Feb to 3 Mar. Register for a session online.

Individual Tutorials

  • Need one-on-one help? Book a 25 minute Individual Tutorial.
  • iTutes are limited to 4 per semester and no more than 1 in a week
  • Click here for more information and a video tutorial on booking iTutes


Know what to expect in your first year (the highs and the lows):
First_year@UniMelb is an online journal of the first-year experience - by and for first year students!
Love Blogging? Want to share your experiences of starting & surviving Uni with others?
Submit a 100-word mini about why you'd be a great first year blogger. (Applications close Mon, 16 March)