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Australia Awards Scholarships

The University of Melbourne undertakes the management of the Australia Awards Scholarships which are administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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The Scholarships Handbook serves as a guide on student management and scholarship processes. Read the handbook and become familiar with your responsibilities and entitlements. Always refer to the handbook first if you have any questions about your scholarship program.

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“The Australia Awards Scholarship has enabled me to meet interesting people, inspiring scientists and educators, particularly in the biomedical fields. I hope to apply my expertise to the general population in order to improve the community’s health.”

"I’ve discussed topics with famous people during our guest speaker sessions, and I am learning new environmental and conservation concepts from them. The class is not just a class; it's a real meeting for environmentalists to discuss current issues in the environment field."

"The course will definitely help me to provide better advice and services when I come back to work in Vietnam. Besides my study, I take part in numerous social activities held by the Student Union and go travelling in my free time."

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