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The University of Melbourne is committed to ensuring all students develop the skills you need to succeed in your degree.
Early on in your degree, we offer credit subjects and semester-long language programs.

Presenting Academic Discourse (LING90002) for graduate students

This subject aims to develop the advanced language required for successful graduate study in English. In this subject students will develop critical approaches to researching, reading and writing. They will also develop the ability to plan and present confidently on a research topic and to write a literature review fluently and accurately. Particular attention is paid to grammatical and stylistic aspects of written and spoken academic discourse. Students write and present on a research topic that is relevant to their field of study. This subject is divided into engineering and general streams.

Academic English 1 (ESLA10003) for undergraduate students

Through the study of multiculturalism in Australian society, this subject develops students' ability to use academic English language. The subject is specifically designed for students who require intensive attention to their academic writing development. Its primary focus is on developing students' ability to structure an academic paper, develop an argument, make effective use of citations and draw conclusions. A range of other academic abilities are also developed such as critical thinking, effective reading, participation in small group work and oral presentations.

English Language Development Programs for graduate science, arts, food science, and engineering and IT students

These semester-long language programs are free, require no additional assessments and can help you further develop your academic and English language skills within the context of your discipline.  The ELDP is application based and spaces are limited.  We strongly encourage you to register for the DELA in order to be considered.

For further information and to apply:

Melbourne Talks

Melbourne Talks is a free peer-to-peer program hosted by the Student Peer Leader Network and is open to all University of Melbourne students. The program is designed to support you with:

The program runs for 1 hour per week for six weeks. You must be able to attend every week to take part in the program.Click here to find out more.


Academic Skills offers a range of workshops around language and communication. Check out our workshop calendar to find out more and see when they are running.

Developing a high level of communication skills early is key to success in your studies. Find out which of these programs is right for you.


What can I do?

Which program is right for me?

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