International Postgraduate Coursework Awards (IPCA)
Terms and Conditions

Items IPCA does not cover
Requirements once enrolled
Transferring institution or course

Items IPCA does not cover

  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) 
  • a living allowance
  • travel or relocation allowances
  • Voluntary Student Union (VSU) fees
  • overseas fieldwork costs
  • visa application fees
  • tuition fees beyond the end date of the scholarship.  IPCA recipients who remain enrolled beyond this date are liable for any tuition fees, etc from the date the scholarship ends.


The Award cannot be deferred and is not transferable to another course or stream.

Requirements once enrolled

IPCA recipients must:

  • be enrolled as a full-time student in an eligible postgraduate coursework degree
  • obtain and hold a valid visa (as determined by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs) for the term of the award, and
  • must notify Melbourne Scholarships immediately of any changes in their enrolment status.  For example, changing from full-time to part-time study or from on-campus to off-campus enrolment.
  • The University expects that IPCA holders will meet the relevant faculty's satisfactory academic performance requirements for each semester of the course. Should a faculty determine that satisfactory academic performance was not achieved, the IPCA will be ceased.


IPCAs are limited to the standard duration of the course. An extension to scholarship is not possible.


Scholarship holders may take a maximum of 12 months Leave of Absence from their scholarship, but must check their visa conditions before applying for leave.  Students must apply in advance through their faculty for leave from their course and through Melbourne Scholarships for leave from their scholarship. 


  • IPCAs cannot be transferred from one institution to another or between faculties. 
  • IPCAs can be transferred to another eligible course within a faculty with the faculty's permission. Please contact Melbourne Scholarships for further information.

Termination of scholarships

Scholarships will be terminated:

  • if the student ceases to meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the conditions
  • at the end of the period for which it was granted
  • upon completion of the course
  • when the thesis is submitted
  • when the student ceases to be enrolled as a full-time postgraduate coursework student
  • if the student fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • if the course of study is not being carried out with competence and diligence or in accordance with the scholarship offer
  • if the University determines that the student is guilty of serious misconduct, including, but not limited to, the provision of false or misleading information
  • if the student does not resume study at the end of a period of leave or formal arrangements (via Melbourne Scholarships) have not been made to extend the period of leave
  • if the student is granted Australian permanent resident status. Students must immediately advise both Melbourne Scholarships and Student Administration about any changes to their visa status. Students should visit International Admissions in the first instance if they have queries about visa conditions
  • upon the death, incapacity, resignation or withdrawal of the student from the course.
  • if, after due inquiry, the University forms the view that the student has not complied with the Conditions set out on this webpage. Scholarships may be terminated or the student placed on probation.


If you have any questions, please contact Stop 1.