External clients

The University may make its spaces available for hire when they are not being used for teaching, learning and research purposes or for core University business, particularly during non-teaching periods.

Please note: We are not a conference or event organisers and University venues are primarily designed for University teaching and do not offer all the amenities of convention centres.

The University supports the use of its spaces for purposes which:

  • further the educational purpose of the University,
  • further the strategic goals of the University, and
  • positively promote the University.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your venue hire requirements.

Hire of University spaces to external clients is governed by the Property Policy.

For further information about hiring a University of Melbourne venue please check the links below.

It is the responsibility of the client/booker to arrange catering.

Please note: The University is currently undertaking a major program of redevelopment across many buildings and this will inevitably have an impact on your planning for events.

More information on the types of rooms available for hire on campus, and the services provided in relation to room hire can be found under General Information. For details of semester breaks please check the Academic Calendar.


As a condition of hire, external clients are required to hold their own public liability insurance policy to a value of $10,000,000, as they are not covered by the University’s insurance.

The University may ask for a copy of the certificate of currency at any time.

Venue hire cost and ancillary services

Hire charges are structured based on the type of venue and fitout of the space. Most rooms have audio-visual equipment, but some do not. There is no additional cost for use of the audio-visual equipment where it is supplied as standard with the room.

Dedicated Event Support is required for all bookings made by external hirers. This involves a dedicated Event Support staff member being in attendance for the duration of the event to provide 'on call' services and support. Charges will be calculated on a case by case basis depending on venues and times.

Additional charges will apply if you request the services of an Audio Visual technician, or if extra cleaning or equipment is requested for your event. There may also be additional cost for security or other items.

  • Venue hire rates:

    The cost of the venue is dependent upon the type and size. Larger venues with more extensive Audio Visual facilities are naturally more expensive to hire than smaller rooms.

    Venues are hired out on flat half day (up to four hours) and full day rates.

    Venue details Weekday rate Weekend or
    Public holiday rate
    Full day Half day Full day Half day
    Lecture Theatres capacity 300 – 500 $3,320 $1,900 $3,740 $2,320
    Lecture Theatres capacity 100 – 299 $1,430 $960 $1,850 $1,380
    Lecture Theatres less than 100 $960 $650 $1,380 $1,070
    Collaborative Learning Space, Seminar & Tutorial rooms with a data projector and computer $810 $570 $1,230 $990
    Collaborative Learning Space, Seminar & Tutorial rooms without a data projector and computer $500 $330 $920 $750
    Wilson Hall $3,450 $2,200 $3,870 $2,620
    Open Stage $1,900 $1,130 $2,320 $1,550
    Yasuko Hiraoka Myer room/Jim Potter room $1,270 $810 $1,690 $1,230
  • Administration fees

    Administration fees (including ancillary co-ordination fee; late change and cancellation fees) apply.

    A $230 (Ex GST) ancillary co-ordination fee is applicable to all bookings.

    Late Change fee of $120 for changes to the original booking with less than one month’s notice.

    Cancellation fees

    • Less than 2 weeks’ notice: 50% of the total hire fee
    • More than 2 weeks but less than 3 weeks’ notice: 40% of the total hire fee
    • More than 3 weeks but less than 4 weeks’ notice: 30% of the total hire fee
  • Events support service rates

    The University will provide dedicated events support staff for all bookings made by external hirers for both weekday and weekend events.

    The staff member will provide a single point of contact for clients and will be in attendance for the duration of the event to assist with any queries that clients may have on the day.

    The events support officer will ensure that the venue is unlocked, assist with the setup (& subsequent pack down) of any furniture, trestle table or signage, and will be responsible for first aid/emergency evacuations if required. They will also assist with any audio/visual requirements.

    Client service/campus support services rates:
    For the first 3 Hours (4 hours on weekends and public holidays) or part thereof (minimum charge) Per hour or part thereof (after the first 3 hours)
    Weekdays $255.00 $85.00
    Saturdays $380.00 $95.00

    Sundays & Public Holidays

    $460.00 $115.00

    The rates above are the standard fees and may vary depending on the time and venues being used.

  • Cleaning rates

    University spaces are cleaned in the early morning on weekdays. If your event is in the evening or on the weekend, additional cleaning must be arranged prior to your event, and cleaning charges will apply. Please make sure that this is noted in the appropriate section on the booking form.

    Breakdown of cleaning rates (effective January 2020)Amount
    Weekdays $149.78
    Saturdays $188.58
    Sundays $243.97
    Public Holidays $295.13
  • Equipment hire fee

    A limited number of Trestle Tables are available to hire for a moderate fee in some spaces. Trestle Tables are $20 + GST per table per day

    Any other extra equipment, or extensive numbers of tables or urns must be hired through an external provider.

    An Event Support Officer will contact you to confirm any requirements for Trestle Tables or Urns prior to your event.

Booking procedures

Please be aware that some venues on campus (notably Wilson Hall and the Sidney Myer Asia Centre) have special booking procedures.

Venue booking form

IT Access

IT access in theatres and seminar rooms for external clients is subject to some restrictions.

It is possible for External Clients to run presentations at the University of Melbourne via the following types of computers:

  • Dedicated University owned presentation computers in venues
  • Client owned personal laptop computers

There are some restrictions for External Clients on University owned presentation computers.

External login credentials are 'uomvisitor' for both username and password.

External clients using these credentials have access to:

  • A read-only version of PowerPoint (and other office programs) only. External clients can therefore deliver PowerPoint presentations using a computer located in the space they have booked, but cannot make alterations.
  • University website pages only (External Websites are not available via University owned machines for external clients)

It is however possible to run presentations and access external internet sites via client owned laptop computers.

Our office recommends allowing time for familiarisation with Audio Visual facilities at the University well before the start time of events. Note that it is often possible to arrange for a familiarisation session to take place prior to the day of the event. Please email our office at venue-management@unimelb.edu.au to arrange this.