About Boorai

Boorai, the word for 'baby' or 'child' in Wurundjeri language, is the name given to the Children's Art Gallery that is located within the Early Learning Centre.

Boorai provides a permanent venue for the display and appreciation of children's art and stories. This unique space presents local, national and international exhibitions that stimulate and challenge audiences to recognise and value the personal and socio-cultural comments expressed by children through their art and stories.

In an increasingly global community, Boorai – The Children's Art Gallery gives emphasis to exhibitions which foster inter-cultural understanding for children, families and the wider community.

Every art communicates because it expresses. It enables us to share vividly and deeply in meanings. For communication is not announcing things. Communication is the process of creating participation, of making common what had been isolated and singular...the conveyance of meaning gives body and definiteness to the experience of the one who utters as well as to that of those who listen. John Dewey