Venue hire options

Venues booked through Venue Management

Venue Management are responsible for booking shared teaching spaces on the Parkville campus, including:

  • Shared lecture theatres and tutorial rooms
  • Meeting rooms: Old Physics Meeting Rooms
  • Specialised venues: Wilson Hall, Union Hall (Grand Buffet Hall), the Open Stage and the Yasuko Hiraoko Myer Room
  • Outdoor Spaces

Shared teaching spaces

These are the lecture theatres, tutorial rooms and collaborative learning spaces that are primarily for the use of teaching, research and engagement activities, but can be booked by other parties during non-teaching periods or at other times if available.

Venue Management (Academic Services) manages all ad-hoc bookings in these venues.

To book, please use Web Room Bookings, or through the external request form, if you are an external client, alternatively the student club request form if you are from a student club.

Shared teaching spaces and specifications

This list is maintained by Learning Spaces

Shared teaching spaces room search

Meeting rooms

These are the spaces on Parkville campus reserved primarily for activities associated with University administration. They can also be booked by external organisations subject to availability.

If you are unable to secure a booking in one of these venues, other venues with similar attributes may be available. The Graduate Centre is another alternative.

Most meeting rooms at the University are booked through Outlook calendars and are allocated to the departments occupying the building.

Shared Meeting Room Details:

  • Jim Potter, Old Physics Building
    Seats up to 30 and fitted out with audio-visual equipment and electronic whiteboard.
  • Private Dining Room, Union House
    Seats up to 30, but does not have any AV equipment.
  • Raymond Priestley Room, Union House
    Seats up to 40, but does not have any AV equipment.

Venues booked through other groups on campus

Bookings may also be made in other venues across campus that do not fall under the control of Venue Management. These include:

  • Graduate Centre : The Graduate Centre is located in the historic 1888 building with and has a number of meeting rooms with capacity ranging from 12 through to 85.
  • Woodward Conference Centre: The Woodward Conference centre is a flexible space showcasing a broad range of modern rooms in a warm yet professional business environment. It is ideal for a complete conference package.
  • Kwong Lee Dow Centre: The Kwong Lee Dow Centre is a boardroom style venue with state-of-the-art videoconferencing facilities and technology.
  • Melbourne Business School : Melbourne Business School is purpose-built for business education, conferences, training courses and senior management retreats. They offer a range of venues and conference support.
  • University House: University House is a Victorian building offering a range of conference and function facilities and catering services.
  • Melbourne University Sports: Melbourne University Sports has various on and off campus sporting facilities available for hire including the Sports Centre, the Beaurepaire Centre and the Alpine Lodge.
  • Melbourne School of Land and Environment, Creswick Campus: The Creswick Campus offers a number of spaces suitable for teaching, meetings, workshops etc, for day hire and/or in conjunction with inexpensive overnight accommodation, only 90 minutes from the Parkville Campus.
  • Medley Hall: Medley Hall is a versatile and cost-effective venue for small conferences and private functions.
  • The Heritage room, University College: The Heritage Room at University College has been renovated and is available for hire for meetings, workshops and other events. It holds up to 50 people.

If you would like a space that you control to be linked from this page, please email Venue Management

Venues booked for Public Lectures

To view a list of spaces that can be booked for Public Lectures, please see this document