Student Clubs

Resource Booker

Resource Booker allows UMSU student clubs to book resources, including rooms, and equipment. It's integrated with the University's timetable to make teaching spaces available online for booking by UMSU student clubs.

Resource Booker access is only available to Clubs Executives who have lodged an email address with Clubs and Societies. Please get in touch with the UMSU Information Centre via email to

If your club is affiliated with a University Department and not one of the student associations. In that case, you should approach your Department and staff in those departments should make the booking for your Student Club.

What if my club is not affiliated, or if I am not part of any club?

1 - Approach your teaching department to see if they are willing to make an internal booking on your behalf. There are generally no costs associated with internal departmental bookings during the day; or

2- Make an External Booking.: Please note that there are costs associated with booking the venue as an external client.

Please use Resource booker to book the following:

o          University outdoor grounds spaces

o          University Shared Teaching Spaces

o          Union House Rooms & North Court

o          Information Centre Resources (including BBQs and Tables)

o          C&S Resources (Cooler Boxes, First Aid kits, etc.).

To search rooms, you will need to search the full start of the name, e.g. "PAR-GND-South Lawn...". The User Guide is available here: Resource-Booker-User-Guide-v.1.pdf (

Booking a space

Booking conditions

As a representative of a student club, you can book a "Central" teaching space or outdoor location under the following conditions and as stated in the Terms and Conditions:

  • Your club is affiliated with the student union, the Graduate Student Association or Melbourne University Sport;
  • You are the president, vice president, secretary or treasurer of that club. Other club members are unable to book venues on behalf of the club executives;
  • Your club is willing to bear any service costs incurred (including event support, AV support and cleaning as required).
  • The booking is for internal club activities only and not on behalf of an external organisation, or a club sponsor.
  • Ancillary services

    After-hours are any bookings on a Saturday or Sunday outside (9–5 pm) or that finish later than 9.30 pm on a weekday.

    Dedicated Event Support is required for after hours bookings for Student clubs and additional charges apply. Please read the guide found on the button below:

    Event Support requirements


Have an issue?

For student clubs affiliated with UMSU, please contact the UMSU Information Centre via email at

For student clubs affiliated with GSA and booking GSA spaces in the 1888 building, please contact email:

GSA Student Club form (

MU Sports Student Club form (

Further information

If you need to follow up on an outstanding booking request, please follow up by replying to your the email from Uni Services that has your ASR number.

More information on the types of rooms available for bookings on campus, and the services provided in relation to room hire can be found under General Information.

A detailed explanation of the roles and responsibilities of all parties in relation to the booking of University facilities can be found in the University of Melbourne Property Policy.

Turnaround times

Please plan your event ahead and try to give us at least three business days notice for regular bookings. Bookings that require event support or other support services will need to be requested eight business days prior to the event so that we can organise services.

Venue Management endeavours to respond to booking requests in three business days, but may take longer to get back to you, depending on staffing and other priorities.

Terms and conditions for student clubs