Sticks, Stones and Feathers

The Sticks, Stones & Feathers Exhibition presents an insight into children’s artistic communications that are representative of their learning ‘In, About and For’ the environment. At the heart of the learning has been concrete firsthand experience, which has provided on-going opportunities for direct participation in the natural world, close observation and exploration and manipulation of various materials found in nature.

Teachers intentionally and purposefully scaffolded the children’s learning by challenging them to find awe and wonder in found sticks, stones and feathers and to be curious and perceptive about the environments where they were found. Curiosity about life in all of its complexity is the key to creative thinking and being. The exhibition presents a holistic and ecologically sensitive view of the child; one that that requests that the voices of children be recognized as vital to the fundamental desire of recovering and firmly establishing a sense of relationship with and stewardship of the earth.

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