About us

The University of Melbourne Health Service forms part of Melbourne Students and Learning. We provide health care for both local and international students, staff and their dependents.

The Health Service medical professionals and staff celebrate diversity and strive to create a safe environment for people of all backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, sexuality and gender groups. The Health Service participates in the Closing the Gap initiative and is working towards achieving Rainbow Tick accreditation.

The University Health Service is a general practitioner service. The University Health Service also refers to outside specialists when necessary. There are male and female doctors available and you are usually able to see the doctor of your choice.

Medical staff can provide certificates for students who are patients of this clinic provided that they have seen the person during the illness or are aware of the circumstances of the problem.

  • Confidentiality

    All consultations are strictly confidential and no information will leave the service without your prior permission. Information can be referred to specialist providers as long as we have your permission to do so. For further information please refer to the following links or call the UoM Health Service.

  • Leaving our service

    We are unable to extend our services to clients outside the University community due to our limited availability.  When your eligibility changes you will need to find another health care provider.

    Transfer your records to another Australian health provider

    Requests for transfer of records to another health care provider within Australia can be made to the Health Service at health-feedback@unimelb.edu.au. To cover administrative expenses a small fee will be charged, payable prior to the transfer of your records.

    Transfer your records to a health provider overseas or gain direct access

    The University of Melbourne Health Service forms part of the University and the University is an “agency” within the meaning of Section 5 of the FOI Act.

    As such, access to documents held by the University of Melbourne Health Service is granted according to procedures set out in the FOI Act, and the right to access provisions in the HRA do not apply.

    Requests for access to documents held by the University under the provisions of the FOI Act should be made in writing via email to foi-officer@unimelb.edu.au and addressed to the Freedom of Information Officer.