Fees and charges for staff and students.

UoM students

Current UoM students who hold a valid Medicare, Bupa OSHC or Allianz Care Australia OSHC card will be directly billed for their consultations, with the exception of some services.

Current UoM students with other overseas insurance cover must pay their consultation fee on attendance and claim the rebate from their insurance provider.

Please bring your Medicare card, OSHC insurance card or any other information pertaining to your medical insurance provider to every appointment.

If you are an Australian concession card holder, e.g. health care card, your consultations will be directly billed. Please bring this card with you to every appointment.

Non-UoM students

Students of other universities are also welcome to use the UoM Health Service. You are required to bring your university student card as well as your Medicare card.

Non–University of Melbourne students are charged a discounted fee. A portion of this fee can either be refunded through Medicare if you are a local student, or reimbursed through your OSHC insurance provider if you are an international student.

UoM staff

Staff of UoM are required to pay a fee on the day of their medical consultations. If payment is not received on the day of service an additional non-payment fee of $10.00 will be charged.

UoM staff with a health care card will be bulk-billed for medical consultations. Please bring your concession card with you to every appointment.

Other charges

Internal fees for services

Some services may not be covered by Medicare or OSHC policies such as some vaccinations, medicals and other items. Always enquire before receiving services to ensure you are fully aware of out-of-pocket expenses.

Non-eligible telehealth consult fees

Telehealth eligibility states that a patient must have attended the clinic once in the last 12 months for a face-to-face consult in order to be eligible for telehealth consults. Some exceptions do apply, please contact the Health Service for more information.

External health provider fees

For all patients there may be out-of-pocket costs associated with further medical investigations, specialist visits and medical treatments not performed in this practice. For information on these costs ask the service provider when making your appointment or before attending for treatments.

Non-attendance fee

Not attending appointments decreases access for others to our service. A fee will be charged (in accordance with booking length) for non-attendance of an appointments. Payment of this fee will be required before you can access the Health Service again.

For consults booked with your GP, please ring at least 2 hours prior to your appointment time to change or cancel your booking.

For Psychology consults, 48 hours notice is required to change or cancel appointments otherwise a non-attendance fee of $80.00 will be charged.

Occasionally some consults run behind schedule. If you are no longer able to wait for your in-person or telehealth consultation, please see reception or phone the Health Service to advise. A non-attendance fee will be charged for failure to notify the Administration Team.

Transfer of records

For all patients, a small fee will be charged prior to the transfer of your records to another health care provider. Please allow at least 30 days for your new medical practice to receive your medical record.

After hours

  • Home Visiting Doctors Service: If you need health care outside Health Service operating hours, a doctor from the Home Visiting Doctors Service can arrange to visit you at your own home. This service directly bills Medicare, Bupa OSHC and Allianz Care Australia OSHC and some other overseas health insurers. This means there will not be an out-of-pocket cost for the visits for eligible card/membership holders.
    • (03) 9429 5677 or 13-1485 (13-SICK).
  • Bupa OSHC phone advice: International students with Bupa OSHC insurance can call the Student Advice Line 24/7 for health advice.
    • 1300 884 235
  • Allianz Global OSHC phone advice: Allianz Global OSHC policy holders can obtain 24 hour toll-free access to medical professionals for emergency phone advice.
    • 1800 814 781
  • Nurse on call: Nurse on call provides free health care advice 24/7 over the phone from a registered nurse for anyone in Victoria.
    • 1300 60 60 24

Home visits

Under some circumstances home visits are available for patients known to the practice and who live in the immediate vicinity. Fees apply for home visits and there could be a long wait. Patients who are able to walk are expected to attend the practice for consultations. Call reception on 03 8344 6904 for more information on how to obtain a home visit.

Other options

See emergency contacts for the inner-city public hospitals who provide care twenty-four hours a day.

Some hospitals charge facility fees for attendance in their emergency departments which is non-rebateable through Medicare or Overseas Student Health Cover. Facility fees vary and can be high, particularly if the attendance is not considered an emergency. For information about possible out-of-pocket costs check with the hospital.