Information for international students

Find out about insurance, medication, referrals and receiving health care in Australia.

See our COVID-19 services, including our dedicated hotline and information on vaccination, testing and travel documentation. If you are not in Australia, please see our advice for students outside Australia.

International students are welcome patients at the UoM Health Service. Doctors at the service can assist with any acute or chronic medical conditions you may experience. To see a doctor regarding any medical conditions, please make an appointment.

If our doctors believe you need more specialised treatment, they will provide you with a referral to a specialist.


Maintaining private health insurance while in Australia is a visa condition for International students.

Bupa is the University of Melbourne’s preferred Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) insurance provider for overseas students and visitors at the University of Melbourne. Having either Bupa or Allianz Global OSHC insurance membership allows direct billing through this service. If your OSHC membership card is not valid, you may be required to pay for the consultation.

For information about BUPA OSHC cover and COVID-19, please visit the BUPA website.

Find out more about Bupa OSHC at the University.

If you are not covered by Bupa or Allianz OSHC insurance, you will be charged a fee payable at the time of consultation. Most of this fee is rebated to you upon claiming with your insurer.

Find out more about OSHC in Australia.


In Australia, you are required to purchase medications from a pharmacy, also known as a chemist, when you receive a prescription from your doctor.