Terms and Conditions

Events on campus grounds

  • The event organiser is responsible at all ties for ensuring the good order, conduct and behaviour of those persons attending the event.
  • The event organiser should complete an Event Risk Assessment form
  • The University campus is a public open space and the free movement of others must not be impeded.
  • If your function allows the consumption of alcohol, attendees must strictly adhere to the University of Melbourne’s Alcohol Policy and the related Management & Safety checklist
  • Marquees or other temporary structures can not be pegged to the ground. Structures must be counterweighted with sand, metal, concrete or water-filled weights. The event organiser shall be responsible for security of any temporary structure. All details of proposed marquees etc must be advised at the time of making a Grounds Booking.
  • A 3m radius protection zone must be adhered to around all trees. Marquees must remain clear of this zone.
  • Event organisers may provide a small number of chairs for guests who need them for functions within the Grounds.
  • Should electricity be required please indicate on Grounds Booking Form. All electrical equipment to be used must comply with the Work Safe Code of Practice. Electrical leads must be appropriately protected to avoid contact with pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Amplified & loud music or noise likely to disturb others is prohibited. An exemption may be granted between 12-2pm Tuesdays through Semester.
  • Portable BBQ's must be situated on a suitable ground covering to protect the grass or other surface (a LARGE sheet of cardboard or a ground sheet would be ideal) and a suitable container utilised to catch, collect and dispose of BBQ runoff. BBQ’s must not be operated within 4.5m of any foliage or on any declared Total Fire Ban day.
  • Active recreational activities such as football are not permitted.
  • Organisers planning to offer food at their event should be aware of safe food handling and preparation practices.
  • If it is planned to serve or sell food to the public at their event, organisers should be aware of the possible need to obtain appropriate health licences.
  • The event organiser must ensure the event area is kept free of rubbish and that waste is placed into proper containers or bins provided. Additional litter or recycling bins can be provided on request at the time of making the booking.
  • At the conclusion of the event all event materials & equipment must be removed. The event organiser must remove all rubbish which cannot be contained within available litter bins to the waste skips in Engineering Lane. The area must be left in a clean & tidy condition. Any damage caused to University property, trees, shrubs or garden beds may result in recovery of costs being sought from the event organiser or other action as may be appropriate.
  • Vehicle access required to pedestrian-only zones of the campus, or any other campus area normally restricted to vehicles, must be advised in advance to Asset Services. Vehicle access directly to the site booked for an event may not always be possible. Advice & permission will be given as appropriate. Note that vehicles must only be driven on pathways and are not permitted at any time on South Lawn or in the System Garden.
  • All reasonable directions given by University of Melbourne Security staff must be adhered to at all times.

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Internal venue bookings

Please refer to the current Property Policy (MPF1115).

Event Support Guidelines

Please review the event support guidelines to make sure that your event is appropriately supported.

Arts West Bookings

If your booking is for Arts West, please review the Arts West Booking Protocols