Your health

Seeing a doctor

If you need to see a doctor, call to make an appointment. At Parkville campus, the University's Health Service is the closest and most convenient. To find a doctor or clinic, check the Yellow Pages directory under Doctors or Medical Practitioners.

The Allianz Global Assistance OSHC website has a list of doctors that direct bill and information on how to make claims if needed. If you are with another OSHC provider, check with them on how to make claims.

Special Consideration if you are ill

If you:

  • are unable to submit an assessment due to illness
  • are ill during an exam
  • miss an exam due to illness

you should apply for Special Consideration through your Student Portal within three days of the exam or assessment due date. Read the submission guidelines for details on how to apply.

You can also discuss your circumstances with Stop 1 staff.

Emergency medical care

It is important to learn where hospitals and clinics are located, just in case you or your friends ever require medical assistance.

If you require emergency medical care, go to the Emergency or Casualty section at the nearest hospital, which are usually open 24 hours.

Hospitals in Melbourne and metropolitan areas

Hospitals in regional/rural Victoria

If the situation is life-threatening, call an ambulance immediately. The cost of emergency ambulance transportation is covered by Allianz Global Assistance OSHC. If you are with a different OSHC provider or have different health cover arrangements, check to see if you are covered for ambulance costs.

The emergency number for Ambulance, Police and Fire services is 000.