Over the past 15 years the options for gambling have increased. The pokies are everywhere, and you can gamble on sport, lotteries, games, online auctions , and investment trading on your mobile device 24/7.

Gambling has been promoted as a great escape from day to day stress, and it is. It is such an effective way to "switch off" that it can become very addictive. It can create a trance-like experience during which people find it very difficult to set limits and make decisions. But, the cost of problematic gambling doesn't just affect your finances, it can ruin your relationships, when trust is often a casualty, cost you your job, and affect your mental health.

How to get help

There is no rigid entry criteria to use these services. If you feel that your gambling is problematic you are eligible. If someone else's gambling is adversely affecting you, you are eligible.

If you'd like more support, come along to one of our workshops or make an appointment for individual counselling.

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